Sports Injuries

David worked for 11 years with the Modern Pentathlon team supporting them through 3 Olympics campaigns. He also worked in the Medical Centre at the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002. In London David’s clients included athletes, circus performers as well as west ends actors and dancers. Since moving to Harrogate, David has been treating professional iron man triathletes, professional squash players, national level hockey players and dressage riders, as well as the many of the cycling fraternity.

Osteopathy is not just for treating injuries. Osteopathy can improve your body’s function, such as increasing the mobility of joints and lengthening muscles. This can prevent injuries and improve your performance. Exercises may be prescribed to strengthen and stretch and David works closely with other local therapists including podiatrists, sports therapists, physiotherapists and sports physicians, who you may be referred to if appropriate. So don’t feel you have to be in pain to benefit from Osteopathy – book in for a body MOT to reduce the tension on your body.