What Is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is classed as primary care which means that you do not need a referral from a GP for treatment. Our training is also focussed on safe treatment, so if for any reason we feel that your presenting symptoms may require further investigation or are not appropriate for treatment we will refer you to the appropriate person.

Osteopathy is a natural ‘hands-on’ therapy able to diagnose and treat many structural problems with the body with a combination of massage, manipulation and articulation techniques. You may also be given exercises to mobilise or strengthen parts of your body to help recover from an injury and prevent it reoccurring. As a qualified Ergonomist David will often give ergonomics advice about your working set up where appropriate, as this often has an impact on your posture.

The main philosophies of Osteopathy are:

The Body is a Unit
Rather than just looking at the bit that hurts, we look at the whole body. An injury may be caused by a problem away from the pain, so it is important to treat the cause not just the symptom.

Structure Governs Function
If the structure of part of your body is compromised from injury or over use, then it is likely to have an adverse affect on its function resulting in for example pain or stiffness.

The Body is its own Medicine Chest
Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, however these mechanisms don’t always function optimally. Osteopathy can help stimulate and support these mechanisms, by removing restrictions.

The Rule of the Artery is Supreme
Improving the blood supply to an injured area facilities a better healing process as blood contains the cells required for repair and takes away waste products.